Sunday, September 27, 2009

I [heart] Bollywood

We had dinner last night at a Hindu Indian restaurant in Barcelona called Bollywood. It's in the Raval part of town, not far from the Ramblas and the statue of Christopher Columbus. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the food. I do miss certain kinds of food here in Spain (read here all manner of spicy food). And the food at this particular Indian restaurant is marvelous. Not to mention the excellent ambiance, which includes Indian dancing on weekend nights (we unfortunately missed it).

But there's one thing I noticed during dinner. I'm left feeling a bit out of the loop when exposed to the cultural phenomenon that is Bollywood. Not the restaurant itself per se. The movies. I haven't seen any actual Bollywood films. And I'm always left with the feeling that I should. Oh, I've seen a few westernized films with Indian themes and characters: Bend it Like Beckham, Slumdog Millionaire, and the like. But my exposure to the actual film genre has been horribly limited. I feel I should remedy this situation.

When I see something like this video which I noticed at World of Wonder:
I feel left out. What is going on in the video seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics, which appear to simply be a list of international film directors. I just don't get it. But with the catchy rhythms, brilliant costumes, and exciting dancing, I want to. Oh I really, really want to.

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