Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Si Te Gustan Los Chicos...

Via Joe. My. God.:

Sometime during that long period where I wasn't blogging at all a bit of gay-related news happened back in El Paso, where I used to live. According to the El Paso Times a group of gay men were hanging out at Chico's Tacos when a confrontation erupted between them and security personnel.

Just a bit of background: Chico's is a major El Paso institution. They're open late and so draw a significant after-party crowd. It's like Waffle House in the American South or the Sauna in Sitges. It's the place where people go after the place where they were partying closes. I'm sure they're used to a little unruly behavior now and then.

So this group of gay men apparently were committing such wretched indiscretions as kissing (eeew!) and dancing like a ballerina (what a fag!). According to the El Paso Times:
One of the gay men, Carlos Diaz de Leon, said that on June 29 a guard called the five men "jotos" before saying he didn't allow "gay stuff" at the restaurant.
Both the guard and Diaz de Leon called police, who arrived about an hour later and threatened to charge the men for homosexual conduct under a statute ruled unconstitutional in 2003.
I can just imagine certain people I knew in the 915 dancing around in Chicos, especially after a few cosmos. (Although with one of them my imagination adds a pink tutu and a chiweenie.)

But the most recent news about the incident indicates the ultimate outcome was positive. Again from the El Paso Times:

The city of El Paso won't tolerate discrimination against anyone, including gays and lesbians.

That's the message from a resolution that the City Council passed unanimously Tuesday. It reaffirms the city's commitment to "acceptance, tolerance and diversity."

City Manager Joyce Wilson told the council that the Police Department has made a commitment to provide more training to its officers so they can respond better to situations like the one at Chico's.
I haven't heard yet from any of my friends if they were actually involved. So in the meantime I'm going to chalk this one up to a victory for LGBT rights in West Texas and keep giggling as I picture various amigos of mine prancing around half drunkenly in Chico's.

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